About Genesis Life

Genesis Life is a Toronto based life insurance brokerage. We offer the best rates across all major insurance companies and serve clients across the GTA.


About Us

Genesis Life is a Toronto based Life Insurance Brokerage. We strive on helping customers find the best life insurance policy to fit their and their family’s unique needs.

Whether you’re starting a young family, purchasing a new home, a business owner, or simply looking for extra protection, we will work with you to give you a full understanding of all the features and structure of your insurance policy. We will make sure that you understand the coverage you need, while finding the best suitable price that fits your budget.

Tony Manoharan

About Tony

Graduating with a business degree from York University, Tony started his career in Life Insurance in 2003. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, and having worked for major insurance providers such as AIG and BMO Insurance, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and customer care to the table. A life insurance advisor with a true passion working with other young families to help them prepare for their financial future.

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